Carrier Service Levels


The system currently supports FedEx, UPS, Golden State Overnight, and US Postal Service (USPS), and includes the following carrier service levels:

FedEx 2nd Day FEX  
FedEx 2nd Day AM delivery FEXA  
FedEx Appointment Home Delivery FHA  
FedEx Certain Home Delivery FHD  
FedEx Evening Home Delivery FHE  
FedEx Express Saver FXE  
FedEx Express Saver FXE  
FedEx First Overnight FFO  
FedEx First Overnight® Extra Hours FFOE  
FedEx Ground FXG  
FedEx Home FEH  
FedEx Priority (Overnight) FXP  
FedEx Priority Overnight® Extra Hours FXPE  
FedEx Standard Overnight FXO  
FedEx Standard Overnight® Extra Hours FXOE  
FedEx Ground Economy FSP (previously "Smartpost")
FedEx Temp Control FXTC (use "FTC" for "902" upload)
GLS Early Saturday Service GES  
GLS Next Day Noon (envelopes) GSN  
GLS Pallet Service GSP  
GLS Priority (Next Day 10:30am) GSP  
GLS Saturday Delivery Service GSS  
GLS Standard GSC  
Will Call X (Custom) WCX  
Will Call X 1-day WCX1  
Will Call X 2-day WCX2  
Will Call X 3-day WCX3  
Will Call Unpacked WCU  
Will Call Packed WCP  
Depletion DPL (billed based on Inventory Rate Schedule)
UPS 2nd Day UP2  
UPS 2nd Day AM Delivery UP2A  
UPS 3-Day Select UP3  
UPS Ground (or UPSG) UPS  
UPS Next Day Air UP1 / UP0  
UPS Summer Solutions UP1SS (Generates a UP1 label)
UPS Next Day Air Early A.M. UPA  
UPS Next Day Air Saver UPSNS  
UPS Standard UPSS  
UPS Worldwide Expedited UWED  
UPS Worldwide Express UWE  
UPS Worldwide Express Plus UWEP  
USPS Express Mail USPSEM  
USPS First Class Mail USPSFCM  
USPS Media Mail USPSMM  
USPS Parcel Post USPSPP  
USPS Priority Mail USPSPM  
USPS Standard Mail USPSSM  


SELF service level is for delivery by an independent delivery service, generally by the warehouse’s own truck or a service that it has contracted, by a retailer in its own vehicles, or by a 3rd party service which is not integrated with our system.

FedEx packages designated for Hold At Location have service level codes appended with "-H". A user may also explicitly override a package to *not* be Hold At Location by appending "-HX" to the service level in the 209/218.

The FedEx Temperature Control (FXTC) service level is used for packages that will be associated with an externally created FedEx Temperature Control tracking number. To associate a FXTC package with an externally created FedEx tracking number, please do the following:

      1. Upload the order using the FXTC service level (this includes orders uploaded from external systems, including ShipCompliant which uses the code “FEXCC”)
      2. Export the package(s) using the “FXTC Order Export” shipping action
      3. Import the resulting  spreadsheet into a FedEx Temp-control platform
      4. Generate the FedEx tracking number(s)
      5. Using the 902 template (located in FORT under Support -> Downloads), associate the FORT Package ID (Shipment ID), the newly created FedEx tracking number, and the FedEx Temperature Control service level “FTC”.
      6. Email the 902 template to
      7. You will then receive a success or error email within 30 minutes.

The FXTC process is similar to that used for WCX except that the FXTC package will be automatically marked as printed (and allocated, if necessary). If a package has already been depleted before the 902 template is processed, then only the tracking number will be updated and there will be no changes made to the package’s status. Also note that FXTC packages cannot be directly printed in FORT, i.e. this 902 process must be used to move the package forward in their lifecycle.

Will Call WCU, WCP or Depletion (DPL) may have Will Call types (which are formatted in the same way as FedEx-HAL orders (e.g., WCU-CN):

    • Consumer (Pick up): CN
    • Client / Supplier: CS
    • Storage / Locker: SL
    • Distributor / Retailer: DR

Depletion service level (DPL) is billed based on the Inventory Rate Schedules "OUT" fees rather than a Shipping Rate Schedule -- where will call orders are found. In the Inventory Fees schedule, Depletion orders are billable if the Transfer Orders billable value is set to "Yes", or "No, except for Depletion orders."

UPS Summer Solutions Code (UPS1SS) has been added to the system so that packages with this service level can be organized together by service level and billed a different amount than other UPS Next Day (UP1) packages. The shipping label generated is a standard UP1 label.

If there are service levels that you do not wish to enable your customers to use, please contact FORT immediately to confirm if we can exclude such service levels from your warehouse. The codes required for each of these services levels are listed in the Order Data section below.

Note we are considering implementation of new GLS Select Service Levels for delivery windows:

GLS Select Service - AM Select (8AM-12PM) SAM
GLS Select Service - PM Select (12PM-4PM) SPM
GLS Select Service - Evening Select (4PM-8PM) SEV


General Logistics Systems has rebranded from Golden State Overnight "GSO" to GLS. We will soon rebrand it throughout the platform. Service level codes will remain unchanged.


Association of externally generated numbers is made by emailing the FORT 902 template as follows: 

Every 30 minutes, FORT will associate the externally-generated tracking number with the package.  

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