UPS Authorization


As of June 2024, UPS requires that any system which integrates with UPS follow their authorization flow. The UPS Authorization page allows UPS account holders to give, or remove, permission for FORT Systems to print UPS labels on their behalf.


This page lists all UPS accounts to which you have access within FORT; however, you may only have access to some, or even none, of the UPS logins associated with those accounts. The UPS Authorization page gives you two options, depending on your UPS access level.


1. If you own or have access to the UPS login account, then you may use the "Authorize" action and log in directly to via the "Continue to UPS" link in the Option 1 section. Once you successfully log in, and receive the successful confirmation page, your UPS account will be authorized.

2. If you don't have access to the UPS login account, then you may use the "Authorize" action and fill in an email address of someone that does have UPS access in the "Option 2" section. Pressing the "Send Email" button will send a UPS link directly to that email address. Once they successfully log in to UPS with that link and see the successful confirmation page, the account will be authorized.




Q1. When I authorize many accounts at once, only the first account authorizes successfully but the others do not.

A1. While we may support multiple account authorizations in the future, it is best to do one UPS account number at a time. However, note that if you use the same UPS account in many warehouse locations, then authorizing a single instance of that UPS account number will authorize that UPS account number for all warehouse locations.


Q2. I've successfully authorized my UPS account but I receive the following error when printing: "Missing or invalid shipper number". What can I do?

A2. This error generally means that the UPS account needs to be added to the Accounts and Payment page of Here are the instructions as provided from UPS:


1. Log in to the site ( using your User ID and Password.


2. Click on the user name at the top right corner and select Accounts and Payment.


3. Select Add Existing Account from the drop down and click on the Add button.


4. In the Add New Account screen, enter the UPS Account Number, Account Name, and Postal Code fields. The country automatically defaults to United States. If desired, select the Make this my default payment account link to set the account as the default billing method for the profile.


5. Click the Next button to continue.


In the Authenticate Your UPS Account screen, enter the invoice number, invoice date, and charges due for the period. Please ensure the following is entered correctly:


As part of this process you may be asked to enter the following information which is located on one of your last three Delivery Service Invoices or an International Package Services Invoice received within the last 45 days:


Invoice Number

Charges/Amount Due This Period

Invoice Date

Control ID


6. Click the Next button to continue.

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